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New Year Old Tricks

I was settling down to write something clever and witty about new years resolutions, and particularly my resolution to blog more when I realised that it was already the second week of January, and I haven’t posted since November.

So you can see how good I am at keeping resolutions. But I have a theory on this. It takes about two weeks for me to settle into a new year. Mainly because I am overtired for days after NYE (I am no ones friend if I don’t get enough sleep) and then I usually go on a holiday straight after which means that all those resolutions I’m all keen on have to wait till I’m done sunning myself.


By which time I need a huge push to get motivated. This year it has been compounded by the fact that for the first time ever I started the year with a hangover. I never usually drink on NYE, or have a good time, really. I usually struggle to stay awake until midnight but this year I had a birthday party and for some reason I went all out and it was one if the most memorable I’ve had, hangover aside.


So I’ve decided I’m going to take some time to work out what my resolutions are going to be, aiming for an Australia Day deadline. Resolution #1 Make some resolutions