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It’s been along time between drinks. As you can see I freshened up the page then disappeared. But we’re all good, I’m back to inflict myself on the world again.

I would love to say I spent my time in hiding on a luxury yacht sailing the Carribbean, or in a charming chateau in the south of France, but no. It was far more mundane than that. But I have done something very exciting this past weekend. Which is why I thought I would get back on the blog and share my excitement and enthusiasm.


Yesterday I attended the Science of Styling class run by the gorgeous Megan Morton at The School in Rosebery. if you don’t know Megan, Google her right now. Buy her books. She is one of the most amazingly talented people on the planet. She is in strictest terms a stylist but she is much more than that- a curator of the most beautiful things, author, teacher. She runs so many amazing classes at The School, but I have been eyeing this one out for a while. Im certainly not a stylist in the making (not for a lack of wanting to be- selecting beautiful things with other people’s money all day everyday? Talk about dream job), I just don’t have enough creativity or talent. But I do love beautiful things and putting together beautiful things and that is what lies at the heart of styling. So this is what led me to sign up for the last class of the year. I’m not going to lie, it was an intense day- the workshop starts at 10AM and it finished at 4:30PM. An amazing lunch by Kitchen by Mike is provided, as well delicious refreshments throughout the day (Pat & Sticks Ice Cream Sandwiches. Oh my God, how can I never have known of their existence before???).

Photo courtesy of The School Facebook page. I was too busy stuffing my face to take pictures.

Photo courtesy of The School Facebook page. I was too busy stuffing my face to take pictures.


Morning Tea (photo via The School Facebook page)

The Science of Styling covers the basic principles of what it is to be a stylist, what a stylist actually does, how to create beautiful photographs (of interiors, vignettes and people), the process of styling, an introduction into how the industry works, what makes a successful photo (and what doesn’t) as well as plenty of other useful things. It’s suited to beginners (like me) as well as people that already have some basic knowledge. It won’t make you a professional stylist but it will give you a foundation to work on should you go down that path. There is an accompanying class “Styling Inspiration” that is more project focused and it is certainly on my agenda next year.


Photo Via The School Facebook page

So now that I have spent a whole day looking at and studying beautiful images (and eating delectable food) I have been scouring the internet for inspiration and playing with all of the rooms in my house to try and bring the beauty back into the everyday. I’m not going to lie, it’s a nice way to spend a Sunday before the realities of the week set in.

Enjoy your Sunday x